Diagnosis with Whole Genome Sequencing

Motor Neurone Disease, Myoadenylate Deaminase Deficiency, Hereditary Hemochromatosis and Inflammatory Myopathy.

Thomas knew all too well of these inherited diseases as family members had developed and been diagnosed with these in the past. Still young, he developed several symptoms related to these diseases. 

Yet, doctors could not diagnose his precise disease.

In his own words, "There has been a lot wrong with me and doctors could never give me a precise answer."

Thomas found his answer in the Whole Genome Sequencing.

Thomas came to Dante to understand his genome and identify rare diseases. What he gained was the possibility of diagnosis and the capability of moving forward to tackle his genetic variations, he would otherwise be unaware of. Not all physicians knew or understood what could be done, however, the ones that did know, acted on the data we supplied Thomas with and they worked together in the hope of bettering Thomas' life.

As with Thomas' case, finding the answers in our genetic make-up might not equate to a favorable answer, but it does equate to a truthful answer that can be acted upon. 

‘[Thomas had] been looking for answers for years and years but unfortunately many of the Doctors and Consultants work in grey areas where no definite answers are available. However, now because of the genetic data from Dante Labs all the pieces of the puzzle are fitting together’.

(*) Thomas' name has been changed to protect his privacy