Long Reads Human Whole Genome Sequencing is now available

Long Reads Human Whole Genome Sequencing is now available

Dante Labs announced today the launch of the first commercial long reads whole genome sequencing, with 30x coverage, powered by Oxford Nanopore Promethion technology. The new test, named WholeGenomeL, will allow individuals to sequence their entire genome with long reads technology. The read length has averaged N50>20,000bp.

Long reads sequencing is optimized for the analysis of repeated sequences, copy number variations (CNV) and structural variations (SV), which are associated with an increasing number of diseases, including autism, schizophrenia and cancer.

The test will be performed in Dante Labs new, highly automated sequencing center in L’Aquila, Italy. The new lab achieved Oxford Nanopore certification for DNA sequencing with Promethion equipment, the industry standard for Nanopore sequencing, and has already analyzed several DNA samples, developing proprietary bioinformatics solutions optimized for long reads.

“We are thrilled to be the first company to release a commercial long reads whole genome sequencing test, available to individuals around the world,” Dante Labs CEO Andrea Riposati says. “We are also thrilled to inaugurate our new sequencing center in L’Aquila with such an innovative test. The entire workflow, from sample receiving to DNA extraction, library prep, sequencing and bioinformatics is highly automated, introducing a high level of standardization. As we grow our volumes, we have started internalizing sequencing and other key operations, so that we can provide faster results to our users, without compromising on quality.”

The price of WholeGenomeL is 849 euros.