900 square-meter DNA Sequencing Center fully dedicated to Whole Genome Sequencing 900 square-meter DNA Sequencing Center fully dedicated to Whole Genome Sequencing
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Dante Labs Launches Rare Disease Month February 2019, With Special Genetic Testing Offering Reserved for Rare Disease Patients

LONDON, January 31, 2019 /PRNewswire/ --

Rare Disease patients will receive whole genome sequencing and customized reports for $299 (€259). The revenues will fund free genetic tests for people in need.  

Global genomic company Dante Labs announced today the launch of an exclusive Whole Genome Sequencing Service for the month of February 2019 - Rare Disease Month 2019. This service, which includes whole genome sequencing 30X, data interpretation and additional mitochondrial DNA sequencing, is set to be reduced to $299 (€295) for Rare Disease patients.  

To qualify, patients simply need to upload their diagnosis after their order is placed. The promotion will run from February 1st -28th (Rare Disease Day) and is reserved to rare disease patients. Standard users will still benefit from a special discounted price ($399/€349).

Rare Disease patients will receive a customized report central to their diagnosis/disease of interest, with the most current research incorporated into their report. Along with the careful interpretation of their genetic data,  patients will also receive a general health and wellness report and a report on reaction to medications.

'Advocating for and supporting Rare Disease patients has always been part of our core mission' stated Dante Lab's CEO Andrea Riposati. "In 2018, we invested about $300K to subsidize genetic tests for rare disease communities, such as the Periodic Paralysis community."

With Rare Disease Month 2019, Dante Labs is building on this initiative, by extending support to the Rare Disease community further. Therefore, all sales during this promotion period will fund free genetic tests for rare disease patients in need during 2019.

"Whole genome sequencing is key for rare disease patients, as non-actionable variants can be aligned to symptoms and lead to better medicine management, empowering patients with a deeper understanding of their Rare Disease. With this exciting and rewarding promotion we feel proud to stand alongside patients to make genetic testing more accessible for everyone."

Contact: Francesco Pennelli
Phone: +39-3206030072