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Why Sequence Your Genome for $199?

Why Sequence Your Genome for $199?

Myoadenylate Deaminase Deficiency, Hereditary Hemochromatosis and Inflammatory Myopathy, have one common denominator: they are all genetic diseases. Some are rare, and others are not so rare, but their problems surface initially at a genetic level. Matthew, a client of Dante Labs, knew all too well of these inherited diseases as family members had developed and been diagnosed with these in the past. But what option did they have to try and change their fate? The answer lay in genetics itself.

The first human genome to be sequenced took fifteen years of hard work from scientists to complete. Once they passed this milestone on April 14th 2003, biology and genetics changed forever. Being able to sequence a genome means being able to understand the code of life. If the code of life is understood, we are able to understand where mutations in the code arise, the variations of genes that people have, and thus the cause of genetic diseases. Flash forward to another 15 years down-the-line and the field of biology has fused with the technological age forming an unstoppable genome sequencing storm, which clinicians, patients, anyone and everyone, have access to today for $199 (until 26th November) with Dante Labs!

Genome sequencing companies can use machines, to extract your DNA, sequence your genome, and interpret it all for you within a months. This means that for thousands of patients the ‘rare disease odyssey’ could be a step no longer needed in the path of rare disease diagnosis. Matthew came to Dante with the mission in mind to understand their genome and identify rare diseases. What they gained was the possibility of diagnosis and the capability of moving forward to tackle their genetic variations, which they would otherwise be unaware of. Not all physicians knew or understood what could be done, however, the ones that did know, acted on the data we supplied Matthew with and they worked together in the hope of bettering Matthew’s life.

As with Matthew’s case, finding the answers in our genetic make-up might not equate to a favourable answer, but it does equate to a truthful and honest answer that can be acted upon. As Joseph Sugarman eloquently puts it ‘The greatest success stories were created by people who recognized a problem and turned it into an opportunity’, and this is the opportunity that Dante Labs could provide you by sequencing your genome. From planning your future health care, to starting an advocacy group supporting rare diseases, to even contributing to the scientific research that could unravel treatments. The opportunities are vast but start with your decision to sequence your genome.

'Matthew [had] been looking for answers for years and years but unfortunately many of the Doctors and Consultants work in grey areas where no definite answers are available. However, now because of the genetic data from Dante Labs all the pieces of the puzzle are fitting together’. Dante Labs wants to help more people like Johansen fit pieces of the puzzle together and this journey could start today, with you.