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What can your DNA say about your health?

Our comprehensive and actionable reports will enable you and your physician to make better choices for your health.

Dante Labs Whole Genome Test for Advanced Health

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Whole GenomeZ - Premium Whole Genome for Advanced Analysis (130X + 30X)

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Whole GenomeL - Long Reads Whole Genome Sequencing for Researchers

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Coverage 30X for coding and non-coding regions 130X (coding regions); 30X (non-coding regions) 30X for coding and non-coding regions
Average Data size 90 GB 120 GB 90 GB
Health and longevity report cheked cheked
Common hereditary cancer report cheked cheked
Reaction to medication report cheked cheked
Customized reports cheked cheked cheked
Reads Short Reads Short Reads Long Reads
Reads Lenght PE150 PE150 N50>20,000