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COVID-19 Diagnosis

Our vision is to revolutionize health and body care and provide people with their personalized instruction manuals for their unique bodies to extend and improve their lives. We want to make advanced genomic testing accessible to everyone and to empower people with knowledge and insights about their own genetic information, so that they can live healthy, long and happy lives.

At the beginning of the pandemic Dante Labs invested a large part of its strength to convert its genetics center into a nationally and internationally certified laboratory for covid diagnosis, immediately offering a service and testing capacity per day equal to 10'000 samples analyzed per day, up to the processing of over 100K tests after a few months.


All this thanks to a fully automated laboratory, with customized and complete solutions.
From the unpacking to the manipulation of the samples up to the molecular analysis. In addition to the diagnosis of positivity and negativity to the Virus, Dante Labs also offers, on request, genotyping for the determination of the viral variant.


Dante Labs laboratory has also immediately offered a wide analysis capacity for serological tests.
In the serological field, the great and important innovation introduced by Dante Labs throughout the national and international territory was the user friendly blood collection method, by DBS (Dried Blood Spot), through which the patient can conveniently collect a blood sample by yourself and send it to the dante labs laboratories where all CE-IVD marked serological analysis can be carried out.


On the COVID field Dante Labs didn’t stop just in providing direct to consumer diagnosis..
It was also prompt in setting up a sequencing pipeline of positive samples for the search of new variants, contributing internationally to the search for new vaccine solutions. The Dante labs solution for COVID sequencing was designed with the use of a customized panel for the viral genome, created by its R&D department, guaranteeing 99.9% coverage.

Dante Labs Noninvasive prenatal testing (NIPT) Solution is an in vitro diagnostic test performed with Next-Generation Sequencing .

NGS technology, that provides reliable screening results for the detection of fetal anomaly from maternal peripheral whole blood specimens in pregnant women at least 10 weeks gestation.

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