Whole Genome Sequencing (WGS)

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WGS Test analyzes 100% of human DNA.

We apply a genomic-data-driven approach to different areas, from rare diseases to COVID-19 to cancer.

We build genomic applications based on this data, revolutionizing the standard care.

Our applications provide people and healthcare professionals with tools and reports to extend andimprove their lives.

The genome is not just a means to be consulted in case of pathologies. Knowing your genomemeans having the key to implementing a personalized lifestyle on prevention, nutrition, fitnessand for the appropriate and personalized use of drugs.

As a result, Dante labs was born as the first company focused on democratizing access to WholeGenome Sequencing. In its first year of life Dante Labs offered this service to over 90 countries around the world, reaching with our logistics service from the largest metropolises to the smallestisland in the middle of the Pacific.

In order to achieve this goal we are developing different diagnostic sectors:

Solid Tumor Characterization

The somatic genetic analysis of the solid tumor allows to identify the mutations of the tumor subpopulations in that specific organ, allowing to better understand not only its development and progression, but also the pharmacogenomics, allowing the identification of the best personalised therapy.

What is Liquid Biopsy?

Search for cancer cells or fragments of DNA and RNA that are released into the bloodstream by the tumor itself. Early diagnosis, validated blood test that allows the early diagnosis of cancer; analysis of the genetic characteristics of the tumor, in order to administer the best therapy; monitoring of the course of the disease.

Whole-genome sequencing (WGS)

is a method for analyzing entire genomes. Genomic information has been instrumental in identifying inherited disorders, characterizing the mutations that drive cancer progression, and tracking disease outbreaks.

The best lifetime investment you can make for your health and well-being.

Begin a life-changing journey with the most insightful and comprehensive Personalized Genetic Reports on the market based on 100% of your DNA, Addition Reports to dive even deeper into your DNA, Full access to your Genomic data:

The whole genome sequencing is the new approach in genetics for rare diseases
Leverage the investigative power of the whole genome to develop a better diagnosis
Identify the most effective treatment and prevent side effects from adverse drug reaction before they happen
After uploading your medical records, our Bioinformatics Team will provide a Personalized Report aimed to diagnose inherited diseases identifying the underlying cause of a genetic condition
Our Whole Genome Sequencing Test offers unparalleled precision and accuracy for unbiased exploration of the human genome.

Why choose Dante Labs WGS Test?

Rare Disease
Whole Genome Sequencing is the best tool to help Rare Disease Patients find answers.

It has been estimated that over 80% of Rare Diseases are genetic in origin. This is why Whole Genome Sequencing offers a promising tool for rare-disease management. Comprehensive analysis of variations, including simple nucleotide variants (SNVs), copy-number variations (CNVs), and structural variations (SVs), are implemented using the WGS data. As a result, disease-causing variants are identified in most of the cases, increasing the diagnostic rate.

We strive to end years-long diagnostic odysseys. These odysseys average 7 years in length and include multiple inconclusive tests, surgeries and procedures, many of which do not result in answers or treatment options for these children and their families.

Benefits: Comprehensive analysis of variations (SNVs, CNVs, SVs), Artificial Intelligence, Disease-causing variants
Pharmacogenetics is the study of genetic variability that causes individual responses to medications. By analyzing the genes that produce the specific drug targets or enzymes that metabolize a medication or are associated with immune response, a healthcare practitioner may decide to raise or lower the dose or even change to a different drug.

Our main objective is to help customers with determining the major barriers, and find the best solutions for their diagnostic therapy.

We offer the possibility to improve health outcomes by identifying greater risk of harm from certain medicines (to over 120 medicines)
Nutrigenomics and Fitness
The comprehensive DNA Test For Diet, Fitness & Wellness.

Genetics plays a key role in how your body reacts to foods. The Nutrigenomics Report provides Nutrition and Diet advice based on your Whole Genome Sequencing. We have worked with professional trainers and sports scientists to give you actionable insights to choose the right exercises, optimize your training, focus your efforts.

Getting access to your full genomic data, you can learn more as science progresses. This is the best lifetime investment because: Sequencing once, you get actionable tools for life.

You can make informed decisions and drive both your personalised prevention (learning about over 70 conditions) and your definition of the right exercises or training optimization. All based on actual Science.

NewBorn Genome Testing
It is a newborn screening test based on whole genome sequencing. Analyzes the genetic makeup of newborns to thoroughly investigate their main characteristics, identify any anomalies and predict possible genetic diseases.

This test allows us to analyse all genes related to diseases and conditions that could appear in the first years of life. it provides results on any variants identified and the implications for each of them.

It is possible to request a consultation with a specialist to understand better the insights and receive answers to all your questions.

We follow the ACMG guidelines for the development of new reports. This organization is the only nationally recognized interdisciplinary professional membership that provides established standards about the relationship between diseases and specific genome variations.
Bacteria & Virus Sequencing
WGS technology can be applied to all the microorganisms studies in order to provide clinical microbiology analysis, infectious diseases control and epidemiology of pathogens.
The sample for genome analysis can be taken from different regions, like mouth or throat. Based on the specific region (that contains species-specific sequences) we can discriminate between different bacteria and viruses.

Whole Genomic Sequencing

A new approach to your health.

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