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Dante Labs offers a portfolio of tests and reports for clinics, doctors and hospitals worldwide. We work with you to enable advanced genetics in your practice.

Somatic dna analysis and liquid biopsy

Dante Labs enables your clinic to offer solid tumor panels, liquid biopsy and cancer-related drug panels, including Solid Tumor Panel (508 Genes), ctDNA (circulating tumor DNA) and Targeted Drug Panels.

We  work with blood and solid tissue samples.

Pharmacogenomics: Med Reaction

Find out how medicine will work for your patients before they are prescribed. Avoid wrong prescriptions, save time. Dante Labs PGx testing and data analysis for clinics provides you with personalized reports on all major drug areas (cardiovascular, antidepressants, immunodepressants, antidiabetics, etc.).

Global Logistics

We serve clinics and doctors in more than 20 countries. Our logistic solutions will enable you and your patients to access best in class technologies from every continent.