Rare Disease Month - FAQ

  • What is the Dante Labs Rare Disease Month? From Feb. 1st to Feb. 29th, 2020, Dante Labs celebrates the Rare Disease Day offering "My Full DNA (Whole Genome Sequencing Test)" at a special price. Dante Labs' purpose is to spread awareness by demonstrating how Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS) can create a significant impact by helping undiagnosed/misdiagnosed patients find long sought-after answers. A portion of each purchase goes towards counseling, testing, and medication of people in need.
  • Who is the promotion aimed at? Dante Labs aims at making genetic tests accessible to everyone: both rare disease patients and people who want to make better health & lifestyle decisions.
  • What will I get if I purchase "My Full DNA: Whole Genome Sequencing with mtDNA"? You will get:
1) Health & Wellness Report: Report on 200+ common diseases, including Celiac Disease, Type 2 Diabetes, Parkinson’s Disease, and Common Hereditary Cancers. Insights on 50+ wellness and longevity traits, including Lactose Intolerance, Deep Sleep, and Diet. 
2) Pharmacogenetics Report: Insights on how your DNA influences your reaction to 150+ drugs, including dosage and adverse reactions.
3) Genome Overview: Explore 40,000 genes and non-coding regions in your DNA
4) Raw data (FASTQ, BAM and VCF files) downloadable from your account, so as you can analyze your genome once and get actionable insights for life!
5) You will get a Customized Report aimed to diagnose inherited diseases trying to identify the underlying cause of a genetic condition (including rare disease)
  • What is the Customized Report intended to provide? The Customized Report is intended to aid in the diagnosis of inherited diseases and to try to identify the underlying cause of a genetic condition. This test is most appropriate for situations where the evaluation of multiple genes may clarify or refine the diagnosis, a situation that can occur when the presenting set of symptoms and tests are inconclusive.
  • How can I request the Customized Report? After receiving your saliva collection kit, please fill out the form, and provide us with all the information required.
  • Why do I have to upload my medical records? Medical records are the best way to provide Dante Labs with the information about your medical status. Up to 20% of rare diseases patients have been misdiagnosed with the wrong disease. The evaluation of multiple genes may clarify or refine the diagnosis. There are many candidate genes to evaluate, and only by understanding your medical status, we can provide you with the best genetic diagnosis.
  • What is the approach your bioinformaticians follow to create the gene panel and generate the customized report? Let's make an example: you are suspected to suffer from “Periodic Paralysis”. Dante Labs will generate a Periodic Paralysis virtual panel, containing all the variants associated with Periodic Paralysis. On top of this, Dante Labs will generate a report with variants from other diseases, but which have similar symptoms - i.e. the ‘Secondary Report’. The Secondary Report includes variants and genes of diseases with similar symptoms. We have experienced that with complex diseases, up to 20% of patients have been misdiagnosed with the wrong disease. Therefore, this Secondary Report has proven to be a very useful tool for both patients and doctors to achieve a precise diagnosis, and prevent the ‘diagnostic odyssey’ experienced by rare disease patients.
  • What countries can benefit from this special promotion? All countries. We do ship globally. Free shipping.
  • What is the delivery time? After your purchase, you will generally receive your saliva collection kit in 2-3 business days (free international shipment). However, detailed shipping information is in the purchase confirmation email.
  • This is a gift. Can I transfer ownership of a kit? Yes, you can give an unregistered collection kit to someone else. It is during the registration process that a collection tube is connected with a specific person. If the collection tube has been registered, please contact us from the registered email address and we will outline the available options.
  • How can I send back my kit with saliva collected? After your purchase, you will receive an email containing a UPS pre-paid return shipping label. You can schedule a pickup online or by calling your local UPS Contact Center.

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