Whole Genome Sequencing: our great expertise

We believe in a world where everyone can access the transformative power of Whole Genome Sequencing

Why Whole Genome Sequencing Test?


  • The information encoded in your DNA is responsible for everything: diseases predispositions, color of your eye, how you respond to certain drugs
  • Whole genome sequencing (100% of your DNA) allows you to make better choices for your health and for the health of your loved ones. Start empowering yourself by learning about your genes. Make health decisions based on your personal genetics
  • Other genetic testing company (like 23andMe) analyzes less than 0.02% of DNA, providing partial information about human genetic makeup. Sequence 100% of your DNA. Get 10,000 times more data than with 23andMe
  • Full access to your genomic data, updates based on the latest scientific discoveries.

What do I get?

Standard Reports

Actionable insights

Health + Wellness + Nutrition + Reaction to Medication

Additional Reports

Dive even deeper into your DNA

Choose the additional Report you are interested in

Raw Data

Make an investment for life


Download an example of our Standard Reports
+70 diseases, +120 Wellness traits, Reaction to +120 drugs

How does it work?

1. Order your Whole Genome Sequencing Test online

You will receive a non-invasive saliva collection kit
at home in 2-3 days, international free shipping.

2. Register your kit and ship it back to us

Register your kit on our Website. Ship your kit back to us with the pre-paid return shipping label.

3. Receive your Results and raw data online

Once we complete the sequencing, you will receive your Standards Reports (Health + Wellness + Nutrition + Reaction to Medications) as well as raw data.

4. Choose the Personalized Reports you are interested in

You can personalize your analysis and choose the Personalized Reports you are interested in. Our reports are continuously updated as science progresses.  

Dante Labs Genome Manager: browsing your Whole Genome has never been so easy

  • The most powerful tool to explore your Genome
  • Find all the answers to any questions you may have about your genome
  • Examine any gene of interest and identify relevant genetic variants and mutations
  • Download Raw data file
  • Learn more as science progresses

Download an example of our Standard Reports
+70 diseases, +120 Wellness traits, Reaction to +120 drugs