Human genetic data can be used to accelerate the discovery of novel treatments.

A new approach to Pharma Research

Using a database to discover and develop a drug will deliver cures faster than the traditional medical research model.

Combining genomic and phenotypic data is expected to reach several objectives, such as identifying new drug targets, tackling new subsets of disease and enabling rapid progression of clinical programs, all these processes in less time and with a higher level of efficiency.

Drug targets can be leading information for the R&D process in order to define priorities based on strength of the biological hypothesis, to find clinical opportunity and increase the possibility of developing novel medicines.


Increase the probability of success of the clinical trials with a significantly shorter processing time, improving the precision of novel medicines.
Leverage genetic insights for the development of novel medicines gives everyday people the opportunity to make a difference by participating in a new kind of research.


Reduce the safety risk associated with new drugs thanks to the larger and better clusterization of the genetic information.
Using proprietary artificial intelligence algorithms and combining genetic and phenotypic data into R&D activities allows us to develop novel drugs and take them through clinical trials.


Managed to reach a diagnosis for those cases that remained undiagnosed after manual interpretation.
We keep improving our ability to protect private information keeping up with the expanding supply of precious and sensitive behavioural, health and genetic information from people who consent to having their data used for research.

We keep improving our ability to protect private information.

Is with our research and results that we want to build people’s trust in our actual technology and in the development of novel pharmaceutical solutions.

Maintaining transparency as a core tenet of the company and operating under our human ethical review board, we want to deserve the trust that people already showed to us and that we will defend in the future.

Sensitive data protection is a crucial argument of this historical moment and we know that the safety of personal information has to be protected by also a higher level of public scrutiny.

A new approach to your health.

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