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Covid-19 Comorbidity Panel

Covid-19 Comorbidity Panel

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This panel is based on Genetic data. Therefore, it is only meant for customers who already purchased a Sequencing Test
  • The Covid-19 Comorbidity panel analyzes your DNA and provides clear insights about your risk of an infection turning into a severe illness. All based on actual science
  • Analysis of all the genetic variants that are linked to an increased risk of developing serious underlying medical conditions from Covid-19
  • Identify people who are at the highest risk of an infection turning life-threatening is the only way to make them take extra precautions to avoid exposure. While it is true that there are general health recommendations we now all need to follow, such as frequent hand-washing and social distancing, some of us may need to take even more aggressive precautions
  • The panel contains straightforward and actionable information to enable you to outsmart the coronavirus

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This product is only meant for customers who already purchased a MyGenome Test