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Endocrinology Report

€19.99 EUR €99.00 EUR saving €79.01 EUR
Endocrinology Report - Dante Labs

Endocrinology Report

€19.99 EUR €99.00 EUR saving €79.01 EUR

Please note that these reports are recommended only for Whole Genome Test with 30X and up coverage


The Endocrinology Report is based on Whole Genome Sequencing Test. As such, it analyzes all Common and Rare Variants associated with Endocrine Diseases instead of a limited set of genes, like old genetic target panels. 

Endocrine diseases are a group of diseases that affects the glands of our body: hypothalamus, pituitary gland, epiphysis, thyroid, parathyroid, thyme, pancreas, adrenal gland, ovary, testis, and placenta. Major endocrine diseases might affect growth and development, metabolism, sexual function, and mood.

Along with environmental factors, Genetics plays a key role in the regulation of Endocrine Diseases.

  • More than 228 genes analyzed
  • 100% genomic regions covered
  • Intragenic and intergenic regions analyzed
  • All variants reported


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