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Upgrade to Next-Generation Sequencing

Upgrade to Next-Generation Sequencing

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Do you want to discover more? Dante Labs lets you upgrade your results without the need to re-collect your saliva sample!

  • Upgrade your results with a simple click. No need to recollect your saliva sample
  • 10,000 times more data compared to the test you ordered
  • Get access to your full genomic data, learn more as science progresses
  • Receive actionable insights from the 2020 Dante Labs’ Reports on your Health, Lifestyle, Diet & Nutrition, Reaction to Medications
  • Limited-Time Offer: ends on Saturday, April 19th
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  • Wellness Report

    The Wellness Report clarifies which habits are best suited to your genome, with actionable insights to live a better life.

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  • Scientific Fitness Report

    The Fitness report gives you actionable advice on training, sports, fitness and physical activity. This will help you develop the right workout for you based on your whole genome.

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  • Nutrigenomics Report

    Learn about the relationships between food groups and your genes. Using this report, you can create the most effective and personalized diet with a specialist.

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  • Health and Predispositions

    Learn more about your risk to develop +50 diseases and conditions. Start taking a proactive approach to your health with our actionable insights.

    See the report 
  • 1.

    Using a simple at home blood sample, we can collect the 100% of your DNA and analyze the genetic sequence in our lab.

  • 2.

    The sequence is divided into several parts, amplified, grouped in clusters and then sequenced.

  • 3.

    This sequencing process reveals the order of nucleotides that make up the original DNA sample.

  • 4.

    We then compare the genome with a generic and globally recognized reference DNA sequence.

Simple Blood Sample Collection

Painless, quick at home sample collection. User friendly device with CE-IVD mark and FDA approval.

Simply follow the packaging instructions and send the sample back using the pre-paid returns label.

Genomic Consultation Service

Additional reports

Check out the full range of our additional reports, available upon completion of the Genome Test.

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Benefits of the Upgrade from Intro Test

When you purchase an upgrade for you Intro Test to Premium (Whole Genome 30X) or Super Premium (Whole GenomeZ),
you gain access to new reports and the ability to purchase additional Reports on specific areas.

New Reports after your Upgrade

Drug Reaction

Discover unexpected reactions to medications caused by genetic variants, including adverse drug reactions and required dosages


Learn about predispositions to common diseases caused by your genetic variants, get actionable insights to drive your personalized prevention