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Nutrigenetic Counseling

Nutrigenetic Counseling

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Our nutrigenomic consultant will help you to navigate your genetic data and nutrition habits to understand which practical changes you should make in terms of diet and lifestyle.

Your results will be evaluated in light of your individual health history clarifying how specific genetic variants may affect your metabolism and how they can be ‘modulated’ to optimise health and prevent disease.

In order to receive truly personalised advice you will be asked to complete a health questionnaire prior to your consultation.

You will then be contacted by Dante Labs to schedule an appointment with our nutrigenomic expert.

The consultation will be held in tele-medicine over video-link.
Consultations can be held in English, German, and Italian.

A nutrigenomic consultation includes:

  • A 60 minutes video call;
  • Clear explanation of the relevant variants found on your report;
  • How these variants impact your health (the consultant will link the genetic variant with the personal health history you provided);
  • Which main nutrition and lifestyle interventions may provide benefits by modulating your genes in a positive way;
  • Some insight on how orthomolecular interventions with supplements may be suitable;
  • Counselling on further tests to help identify areas which require intervention (including metabolic testing available from state-of-the-art laboratories).
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