What Immensa™ do?

Dante Labs software Immensa received CE-IVD (in vitro diagnostic) marking for the interpretation of whole genome sequencing data in a clinical setting at scale.

The software generates personalized reports for pharmacogenomics, rare diseases, predisposition to common diseases, and nutrigenomics, and integrates guidelines from the American College of Medical Genetics, the company said.

Monthly Update

Each month Dante Labs adds new conditions and / or diseases to the Health, Nutrigenomics & Lifestyle, Pharmacogenetics and Scientific Fitness reports.

The conditions already considered are also periodically updated, adding new genetic variants.


Report generation speed (about 2.30 min).

High speed of execution of reports for multiple kits in parallel.


Able to customize reports.

Ease of building and designing new reports.

How it works?

It was built using more than 150,000 genomic reports generated by Dante Labs and integrated user feedback.

The software takes 30 seconds to generate a report and can scale with demand and it’s available commercially to clinics and hospitals in countries accepting the CE mark.

A new approach to your health.

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