Global Genomic Platform

Who we are

We are a global genomic platform for diagnostics and pharma, built on three pillars: our software, our genomic database and the integration with our clinical laboratories.


Sequencing and interpretation, from whole genome sequencing to solid tumors, from RNA sequencing to liquid biopsy. Our proprietary pipelines offer precise sequencing and interpretation to research organizations and clinics worldwide.


With over 3 million COVID-19 samples analyzed, 30 thousands whole genomes sequenced in our clinical lab, 500 thousands reports generated, we provide governments and clinics with effective end-to-end solutions for diagnostics at scale.


Our platform achieves a more effective, less risky, drug repurposing for genetic diseases by leveraging our whole genome database and a graph neural network approach to drug discovery.


Our Immensa Genomic Interpretation Software offers more precise and faster analysis of complex genomic data, using machine learning and a continuous feedback loop from our database and the clinical lab


Genomic applications with real-life impact

We turn sequencing data into life-saving answers for patients and mission-critical tools for doctors. In our clinical labs, we generate petabytes of next generation sequencing data to be analyzed by our software Immensa, leveraging our proprietary database. Patients and healthcare organizations receive meaningful answers to make critical decisions in a short amount of time.

We invest 32% of our revenues in research and development. We push the boundaries of genomics interpretation to advance the use of genomics in diagnostics and research.

From governments to healthcare systems, from global clinics to single-doctor offices, we deploy customized end-to-end solutions for clinical and research use.

Some results and milestones: