Rare Disease

  • An unbiased approach to Whole Genome Sequencing (WGS) for rare diseases: combining the information submitted from both personal patient records and statements, and using the Dante Labs proprietary WGS test and Extensa CE-IVD, ISO13485 Software.
  • Affordable WGS based solutions to tens of thousands of rare disease patients worldwide, from the Marshall Islands to Brazil, from the UK to Australia
  • Colaborations with many advocacy groups

The traditional approach to genomics and rare disease diagnoses is biased and restricts the use of genetic testing, often leading to patients’ unnecessarily going through countless doctor’s visits and partial genetic tests prior to diagnosis.

Dante Labs uses an unbiased, data rich, patient centric approach formed of three pillars:

  • Sequencing: Dante Labs sequences the patient’s entire genome multiple times; performing additional, enriching analyses of parts of the genome specific to rare diseases;
  • Patient Information: patients are encouraged to provide as much information on their medical background as possible. This includes information from both their medical records and personal descriptions of their symptoms, and;
  • Personalized Reports: Dante Labs’ CE-IVD, ISO13485 certified Immensa Genomic Interpretation Software provides a combined analysis of genomic, medical, and patient data to generate highly personalized rare disease reports for each person.