We make genomics accessible to everyone

Dante Labs is a leading global genomics and precision medicine company committed to advancing scientific innovation in healthcare, with the goal of improving human well-being and saving lives through a human approach to health. We are pioneers in providing genomic services and solutions, equipped with state-of-the-art technologies and bioinformatics proficiency.

Our mission

Our goal is to harness the power of whole-genome sequencing technology and variant interpretation, empowering you to make informed decisions regarding your well-being and health.


Andrea Riposati

Chief Executive Officer & Co-founder

Andrea Riposati achieved his Master’s Degree in Business and Economics from Bocconi University in Italy and he furthered his education by obtaining a Master of Business Administration from Harvard Business School in 2009.

Throughout his career, he has held leadership positions in various prominent U.S. companies, including IBM, Booz Allen Hamilton, and Amazon. In 2016, alongside Mattia Capulli, he co-founded Dante Labs as the CEO.

Mattia Capulli

Chief Scientific Officer & Co-founder

Mattia Capulli completed his Master of Science degree in Medical Biotechnology in 2005, followed by his Doctorate in Biotechnology in 2010 at the University of L'Aquila. He has engaged in collaborations with various prestigious university centers worldwide, such as the Columbia University Medical Center in New York. His research contributions have been showcased in numerous publications in international journals and he has also been honored with several scientific awards. In 2016, alongside Andrea Riposati, he co-founded Dante Labs as the CSO.

Our Story

Andrea Riposati and Mattia Capulli, former high school classmates in Italy, unexpectedly reunited in New York while pursuing their respective careers.

Drawing from their diverse educational backgrounds and professional journeys, they joined forces and ventured into the realm of advanced genomics by founding their own company in 2016.

This marked the inception of Dante Labs, a name derived from the fusion of humanity and science. The term "Dante" pays homage to the renowned Italian humanitarian poet, while "Labs" symbolizes the profound scientific endeavors conducted within a genomics laboratory.

To date, Dante Labs, originally founded in L'Aquila, runs its business and has laboratories in New York and Dubai, and offers its services worldwide.

Our Core Business

  • Whole Genome Sequencing Test for longevity and diagnostics

  • Genomic data analysis using a proprietary platform based on artificial intelligence and machine learning

  • Precision medicine and drug development to provide better treatment for diseases.
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Andrea Riposati

Chief Executive Officer & Co-founder

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