About us

Dante Labs

We are a global genomics company and leader in genomic sequencing tests. We’ve worked with customers across 97 countries, helping people to access and understand their own genome. At Dante Labs, we personalise prevention so that you can live a long and healthy life.

The reports you get


Understanding your genetic susceptibility to certain medical conditions, and how to lower your level of risk through healthy lifestyle choices, can help prevent diseases from manifesting later in life.

Nutrition & Wellness

Discover your sensitivity to particular food groups, as well as potential nutrient deficiencies and how to manage these through your diet. The test will also offer insights into your genetic personality traits and sleep characteristics.


Optimise your exercise regime through a greater understanding of how your body responds to particular training programmes. Leverage your genetic strengths and avoid injuries through personalised workouts and diet insights.

Proactive Prevention

Your genome is the toolkit for your body. The Dante Whole Genome Sequencing test will provide you with easy to understand actionable insights and tailored prevention plans.

  • Unbeatable Performance

    Yield refers to the amount of sequencing data produced for each biosample. Through a combination of our years of experience and the most advanced DNA technology, we are able to produce a 33% higher yield than the industry average.

  • Quality

    Our Whole Genome Sequencing tests procure more accurate results than our competitors, with a Quality Score of 90% compared to the industry average of 75%. Our rigorous quality standards ensure comprehensive and accurate results for all our customers.

  • Clinical-Grade

    By meeting clinical standards with our 30x coverage, healthcare professionals are able to confidently use your raw data results to determine a diagnosis or to establish an effective treatment plan.


Our Science