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1. Order Your Test Online

You will receive a non-invasive saliva collection kit
at home in 2-3 days, international free shipping

2. Register Your Kit and ship it back to us

Once you receive your kit, create your personal account on our Genome Manager. Register your kit and then ship it back to us. You will find a prepaid return shipping label inside

3. Receive your Results and Raw data online

Once we complete the sequencing, you will receive your Standard Reports (Health + Fitness + Nutrition + Reaction to Medication) as well as the raw data

4.Choose the Additional Reports you are interested in

You can personalize your analysis and choose the Additional Reports you are interested in. Our Reports are continuously updated as science progresses

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You save lives.

My whole genome shows some de novo mutations and probably we have found the problematic disease. 

Jerome, Paris

Mutations are sometimes buried in places on the genome that have not yet been identified as areas of interest. I am very grateful for Dante Labs assistance to our community.

Denise, Melbourne

I have undiagnosed health problems that I am still trying to understand, and Dante Labs helped where doctors could not. Thank you Dante Labs

Tim, Sacramento

Dante Labs rocks!! The reports are great. I got mine last year and have now ordered the WGS for my daughter.

James, London

After years of trying to find out what was wrong with my kids and I, thanks to Dante Labs we now have an answer. Our symptoms match the results. Thank you!

Kim, Cardiff