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What your Whole Genome can tell you about your health and wellness

Get the most comprehensive genetic tests and reports to make better choices for your health

Health  Conditions

Health Conditions

Report on 100+ common diseases, common hereditary cancers, 30+ wellness and longevity traits

Customized  Report

Customized Report

Customized Report on a disease or condition of your choice (ex. Epilepsy, Ehler Danlos, Mitochondrial Diseases)

Reaction  to  Medications

Reaction to medications

Insights on how your DNA influences your reaction to 150+ drugs, including dosage and adverse reactions

Raw Data available (FASTQ, BAM and VCF files).

Having your full genome sequenced means:

  • - Discover predispositions to diseases
  • - Learn about reactions to medicines
  • - Discover the genetic variants behind genetic diseases and rare diseases
  • - Receive actionable reports for you and your physician
  • - An investment for life: Sequence your genome once and learn more as science progresses.
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Follow the kit instructions to spit in the tube - all from home. Register your kit on our website and then mail the saliva sample tube back to us.


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In about 8-10 weeks, we will send you an email to let you know that your results are ready.

Patient stories

Angela’s story

Angela’s story

Angela was a 4-year-old child when, suddenly, started to present seizures and, gradually, other associated neurological conditions. She visited many...

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