Begin a life-changing journey with the most insightful and comprehensive Personalized Genetic Reports on the market based on 100% of your DNA, Addition Reports to dive even deeper into your DNA, Full access to your Genomic data.

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Our Certifications

What's the Genome?

  • Our Whole Genome Test

    Your full DNA

  • Traditional Genetic Panels

    Targeted analysis only

  • $99 Genetic Tests

    Only few SNPs of your DNA

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Why get the Dante Genome


Our Whole Genome Sequencing tests provide you with comprehensive, actionable insights for the following areas.

Health Risk

Wellness & Lifestyle

DNA-based diets & Nutrigenetics

Scientific Fitness

CNN Visits Dante Labs

Real Testimonials

Listen to real stories on how the Dante Whole Genome Sequencing Test improved people's lives

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