Why get the Dante MyGenome Test

Our Whole Genome Sequencing tests provide you with comprehensive, actionable insights for the following areas.

  • Health Panel

    Genetic analysis on hereditary diseases allows to verify the greater or lesser predisposition to certain pathologies. With the awareness of one's genetic heritage, one can adopt the most effective lifestyle to reduce the chances of occurrence of such conditions.

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  • A Gift for Life

    Understanding your genetic susceptibility to certain medical conditions, and how to lower your level of risk through healthy lifestyle choices, can help prevent diseases from manifesting later in life.

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  • Rare Diseases

    Find out the best tool to help Rare Disease Patients find answers. Discover the new approach in genomics for rare diseases and undiagnosed genetic diseases.

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  • Fitness Panel

    The Fitness report gives you actionable advice on training, sports, fitness and physical activity. This will help you develop the right workout for you based on your whole genome.

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Why is our Subscription so Beneficial for you?

- No upfront fee. You will get your genome sequenced right away and you will not be charged of the entire amount immediately.

- No hidden costs. Interest-free monthly fees.

- Get monthly updates on your Whole Genome. After getting the analysis completed, you will receive free monthly updates on your Genome as long as you are a subscriber.

- Our subscription monthly provides new updates on your reports that are based on the latest scientific discoveries.

- You will also get Unlimited Access to your Genomic Data.

- Receive Premium Support from our team of Genetics Experts. They will answer any question that you might have about your genetic makeup.

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  • Our Whole Genome Test

    Your full DNA

  • Traditional Genetic Panels

    Targeted analysis only

  • $99 Genetic Tests

    Only few SNPs of your DNA

Dante Labs’ Customers Testimonials

Welcome to the Future of the Health Management and Medicine. For a better and longer life.

Dr. Amini - Cardiologist

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    Top #25 fastest growing companies in Europe.

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    CNN chooses Dante Labs to report on the world of genomics.

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    Ranked #2 in US Northeast fastest growing companies.

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