Whole Genome Sequencing is a test that's used to identify genetic variations within your DNA. The purpose of genome sequencing is to get vital medical information to ensure you can best take care of yourself.

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Where can I find my return shipping label?

You will find the prepaid return shipping label, along with the return envelope inside the package. If either item is missing, please email us at contact@dantelabs.com.

The one who needs the test is a child or has difficulty producing saliva, can I still buy the MyGenome test?

Yes, in such a case you can simply request a cheek swab. Please email us at contact@dantelabs.com at the same time as placing your order and we will send the most suitable sample kit for your needs.

Can the test detect a particular disease?

Yes. The MyGenome test, based on the Whole Genome Sequencing process, is able to detect
susceptibility to specific genetic diseases. For a very focused analysis, we provide a special version of this
test that matches your genetic make-up with your clinical records.
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How does your test compare to other tests by other genetic company?

At Dante Labs we have our own laboratory and proprietary software experience. This internal
infrastructure allows us to develop a very complete service to take care of your needs. We have different types of analysis to suit any level of depth and price.

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Do you provide ancestry reports?

No. Dante Labs' mission is to democratize genetic data to allow people to make informed decisions about their health and wellness. With this goal we want to develop reports and services that help you establish a prevention plan or develop a real personalized diet or training to take care of your body.

We are very glad that people can discover the power of genetics thanks to the curiosity to know more about their family roots, but we want to focus as much as possible on that science that improves people's health for a long and happy life.

I can't access my Genome Manager account any longer, it says account not found

We are always improving our services and platforms, which is why we implemented a restructuring of the Genome Manager last March, you can simply update you can follow the "I forgot my password" procedure to unlock your account and continue to take care of your health thanks to genetic data!

I bought one or more additional reports, how long does it take to receive them?

Additional reports take from 1 to 10 working days. Once issued, you’ll find the reports located in the Reports section of your Genome Manager account. 

Additional Reports will be available just after receiving the MyGenome or Wellness Test or other test’ results.

Why do I get an error message when downloading my raw data?

Please note that your raw data is free for 30 days after results are ready. After that, they are only accessible by purchasing a Gold or Silver subscription from your Genome Manager account. To do so, head to the Shop section of your account. Approximately 7 days after the date of purchase, your raw data will be restored. If you still don’t have access to the raw data files 7 days after your subscription purchase, please email us at contact@dantelabs.com

I’m currently waiting for my results, when will I receive them?

It takes approximately 8 weeks for your reports to be uploaded to your Genome Manager account, from the day we receive your sample in our lab.

I received a commercial invoice request from the DHL courier. What should I do?

The courier should already have the label with a paperless invoice in his IT system. If they are unable to find this, please email us at contact@dantelabs.com specifying in the subject of the email your order number and that it is a case of an invoice request.

I’m having trouble signing into my Genome Manager account. What should I do?

Please log into your account using this link: https://genome.dantelabs.com/login If unsuccessful, please email us at contact@dantelabs.com for further assistance.

I am trying to order, but there is no option to ship to my country?

Unfortunately, at this moment, we can only ship to the countries listed. 

Are you planning to offer more additional reports in the future?

Yes! We are always adding more reports and improving the ones we currently offer. We welcome any feedback and recommendations about what reports we should offer, please email us at contact@dantelabs.com with your suggestions. 

Why did I receive a saliva collection kit and not a Tasso blood collection kit?

The stock available in our warehouses differs as they are located in different countries. We send the Tasso kits, but when this is not possible, the Genefix saliva kits will be sent to collect your DNA sample.

Regardless of if you receive a saliva kit or a blood collection kit, the quality of the results will be the same. If you bought a MyGenome test, you will receive Whole Genome Sequencing.