Leading companies are integrating genetics into their preventive health strategies.

Advancing Precision Medicine And Disease Prevention

With scientific advancements and the plummeting cost of genetic sequencing,genetic information now has the potentialto drive unprecedented levels ofprevention and early detection.

Offering employees confidential and reserved access to genetic services thatcan help them learn about their risk earlier and manage it better enablesemployers to care about their employees' health, and, as a consequence, aboutthe future of their business.

  • 1. Create an Account

    Create an account with your work email address or Employee ID Program. After logging in, you can browse our Catalog of tests and access your dedicated benefits.

  • 2. Fast Activation

    Register your KIT ID in just a few minutes. Follow the instructions in your kit.

  • 3. Painless Sampling

    Fast, simple and painless saliva sample collection to receive accurate results.

  • 4. Digital Results

    Receive digital results within weeks displayed in specific and clear reports.

Clinical Grade Whole Genome Sequencing

Start Personalizing your Employees Health with our Innovative at-home Health Testing

Dante Labs offers health and wellness solutions including laboratory testing for wellness monitoring (Food Intolerances and Allergies), Non Invasive Prenatal Testing and Wellness & Lifestyle DNA Test.

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