• Training:

    Some people excel at certain sports and training programmes while others struggle to see results. Through an analysis of your genome, we can determine which exercises are most effective for you in order to reach your fitness goals faster.

  • Metabolism:

    This report assesses specific metabolic processes in order to optimise your diet for training, recovery and long-term muscle growth. Personal insights and recommendations are provided which will help to improve workout performance and overall fitness levels.

  • Diet:

    Based on metabolic rate, and nutrient levels, this report offers guidance on what to eat post-workout to encourage muscle growth and recovery, as well as recommendations regarding supplements for improved performance.

  • Injuries:

    Awareness of your susceptibility to specific injuries will enable you to factor this into your exercise plan, in order to maintain optimal health and performance. The report offers advice on stretching regimes specifically targeting areas of increased risk.

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Additional Reports

Check out the full range of our additional reports, available upon completion of the Genome Test.

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