• Gene Variants:

    Mutations in DNA can sometimes prevent one or more proteins from working properly - affecting the entire functionality of the cell. One mutation is enough to disrupt the normal development of the body or result in some kind of health condition. 

  • Hereditary Diseases:

    These are disorders caused by mutations in certain genes that are passed down from parent to child. Inherited gene variants don’t always guarantee you will develop the associated health condition, it can simply mean you have a higher-than-normal risk of doing so. 

  • Rare Diseases:

    Nearly all genetic diseases are considered rare diseases, only affecting a small percentage of the population. They do not always appear from birth but can begin to develop well into adulthood, such as Parkinson's Disease.

  • Management and Treatment:

    It’s important to remember that genetic susceptibility does not guarantee you will develop the associated health condition. This report flags any potential risks early on so that you can begin preventative action immediately, guided by our management and treatment advice.

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