Whole Genome Sequencing Test is a test for everyone. For people facing rare or undiagnosed diseases, still more!

We solve complex genetic cases by combining phenotypic data and genomic data.

You are not alone! Dante Labs provides a Pre- and Post- Telemedicine Consultation with a Specialist Doctor For Free.

Pre-Telemedicine Consultations

Pre-telemedicine consultations can help you prepare for getting tested. Rare disease patients often have complex medical histories, and it can be challenging for them to communicate all of their symptoms and concerns during a short consultation. Pre-telemedicine consultations lets you provide a comprehensive overview about your health status. This leads to more efficient and effective consultations, as the specialist will have a better understanding of your medical history and concerns.

Post-Telemedicine Consultations

Post-telemedicine consultations can help you get the diagnosis and, finally, end your Diagostic Odyssey. Moreove you can stay on track with your treatment plan, as you can check in with their specialist regularly and make adjustments to your treatment plan if necessary.

Get access to specialists

Get access to specialists who may not be available in your area. Many rare diseases are so rare that there are only a few specialists who have experience diagnosing and treating them. This can make it challenging for patients to find a specialist who is knowledgeable about their condition and can provide them with the care they need. Dante Labs helps you bridge this gap allowing you to connect with specialists from anywhere in the world.

Your Privacy and Security is essential to us.

  • Rare Disease Health Package involves the collection and storage of sensitive personal information, and protecting the privacy and security of this data is of paramount importance for us.

  • You have the right to control your genetic information, and Dante Labs' commitment to not selling genomic and personal information ensures that you maintain control over your data.

  • Dante Labs' sequencing of all tests in the EU and USA and compliance with GDPR and HIPAA regulations ensures that MyRare data is protected according to rigorous legal and ethical standards.

  • By not sending samples to China, Dante Labs is taking proactive steps to protect individuals' genomic and personal information from unauthorized access and use, providing peace of mind to those undergoing the test.

Rare Disease Health Package: 30X Coverage Clinical-Grade Whole Genome Sequencing.

Clinical-grade WGS

When conducting Whole Genome Sequencing, one critical factor to consider is the depth of coverage or the number of times each base pair is read during sequencing. In clinical-grade WGS, a coverage depth of 30X is considered the gold standard.

30X* Coverage

The 30X* coverage means that each base pair has been sequenced 30 times, ensuring high accuracy and confidence in the results. The depth of coverage is critical because sequencing errors can occur due to technical limitations, such as DNA damage or sequencing noise.

The likelihood of detecting these errors decreases with increased coverage depth, and a 30X depth of coverage has been shown to achieve a high level of accuracy in identifying variants.

*Dante Genomics will provide over 96 gigabytes of sequencing data, equivalent to a 30X Whole Genome Sequencing (WGS) in human samples, with a physiological bacterial contamination at levels ranging from 1% to 2% of the total DNA.

Identifying Variants

Achieving 30X coverage is particularly crucial for identifying variants that may be causative of rare diseases or other conditions. Such variants are often rare and may only be present in a small fraction of the genome. A 30X depth of coverage ensures that these rare variants are detected with high confidence, increasing the chances of accurate diagnosis and treatment.

Accurate sequencing

A 30X depth of coverage is also essential for identifying structural variants, such as insertions, deletions, and inversions. These structural variants can be challenging to detect, and low coverage depths may result in inaccurate or missed calls. By contrast, a 30X depth of coverage provides sufficient sequencing data to accurately detect these structural variants. Achieving a 30X depth of coverage in clinical-grade WGS is of paramount importance. The accuracy and reliability of WGS results depend on the depth of coverage, particularly for identifying rare variants and structural variants that may be causative of rare diseases or other conditions. A 30X depth of coverage ensures high confidence in results and is necessary for reliable population genetics studies. While achieving 30X coverage is not without challenges, the benefits of accurate and reliable WGS results make it a critical consideration in clinical-grade WGS.

Sammy Basso experiences the Rare Disease Health Package from Dante Labs

Sammy Basso, biologist, researcher and patient with the rare disease Progeria decided to try our Rare Disease Health Package to discover 100% of his DNA by supporting our project to help rare disease patients like him or people without a diagnosis to find a correct diagnosis, learn more about the disease, receive treatment and a personalized care strategy.