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ELLE DNA test: Women's Health DNA Test

ELLE DNA test: Women's Health DNA Test

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Investigate in one fell swoop various predispositions that could affect a woman's health and serenity.

Different health predispositions are determined by the genetic makeup, with a simple painless test it is possible to verify all these conditions. A deeper knowledge of ourself could be the basis for developing excellent prevention plans or lifestyle habits that can delay the onset of symptoms.

  • Whole Exome Sequencing test
  • New Generation Sequencing (NGS) technologies
  • BRCA1/2 report on breast and ovarian cancer risk
  • Women’s Wellness report on common female conditions
  • Raw data available in FASTQ, BAM, and VCF files
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This genetic test is based on Whole Exome Sequencing,
empowered by New Generation Sequencing (NGS) technologies.

Thanks to this cutting-edge process, it is possible to
detect the gene mutations linked to specific diseases and their positive or
negative correlation with the risk of developing these specific conditions, as breast and ovary cancer.

Included with the test results, you will be provided with the analysis raw data, and actionable reports that contains clear explanations and advices on how to adapt routines and habits, to define a prevention plan and the healthiest, most personalized lifestyle.

  • BRCA1/2 report

    Breast cancer, along with ovarian cancer, are diseases caused by the combination of several risk factors: age, ethnicity, family history, genetics, and personal history of cancer. The two genes involved in hereditary and genetic predisposition are BRCA1 and 2.

    Thanks to a DNA test it is possible to verify the mutations of these genes.

  • Women’s Wellness report

    The Wellness report clarifies which habits are best suited to your genome, with actionable insights to live a better life.

    This special version of the test aims to provide a detailed analysis of those conditions that most affect women, in order to provide very specific advice on nutrition, habits and lifestyle.

  • Fast Activation

    Log in or create an account on Genome Manager, then enter your Kit ID (you'll find it on the box or tube). Here, your test is active!

  • Painless Sampling

    Contains an innovative and easy to use, home blood collection kit. Submit your sample the same day you took it.

    Tasso sampling kit
  • Digital Results

    You'll receive your results in a few weeks, available as a report within our digital portal. The results are easy to read and sharable with your doctor.

Simple Blood Sample Collection

Painless, quick, at home sample collection. User friendly device with CE-IVD mark and FDA approval.

Simply follow the packaging instructions and send the sample back using the pre-paid returns label.

Additional Reports

Keep taking care of your being a woman with these other reports.

Genomic Consultation Service

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