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WGP HiFi Reads Whole Genome Sequencing Test

WGP HiFi Reads Whole Genome Sequencing Test

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Discover the HiFi Reads for Whole Genome Sequencing: advanced analysis, quicker genome assembly, more uniform genome coverage, higher chance to sequence "difficult regions". 

  • HiFi Reads + Dante Reports: the best application for your whole genome
  • Get the benefits of short reads and traditional long reads in one test
  • Most advanced whole genome sequencing technology and test in the market
  • Superior performance for several applications: variant detection, de novo sequencing, genome structure, epigenetics
  • Sequencing on Highly Accurate Long Reads technology
  • Genetic Reports: Health and Risk Panel, Wellness Panel, Nutrigenetic Panel, Fitness Pane

Long reads provide the most comprehensive view of human genomes with the highest precision and recall for all variant types including variants missed by short-read sequencing. HiFi reads let you accurately detect all types of variants, from single nucleotide to structural variants, with high precision and recall and phase haplotypes, even in hard-to-sequence regions of the genome. 


The technology behind this product can only be implemented with saliva samples.

Comprehensive Workflow

From Library Preparation to Personalized Bioinformatics.

Privacy and Security

Compliant with European regulations on security and privacy (GDPR) and CE-IVD mark.

Free shipping

Free outbound/return shipping.

Hifi Reads

HiFi reads provide the most comprehensive view of human genomes with the highest precision and recall for all variant types including variants missed by short-read sequencing.

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What You Get

  • Health and Risk Panel

    Learn more about your risk to develop diseases and conditions. Start taking a proactive approach to your health with our actionable insights.

  • Wellness Report

    The wellness report clarifies and makes you aware of the habits to implement that are best suited to your body based on your genome, with actionable insights for better living.

  • Scientific Fitness Report

    The Fitness report gives you actionable advice on training, sports and physical activity. This will help you develop the right workout based on your whole genome.

  • Nutrigenetic Report

    Learn about the relationships between food groups and your genes. You can create the most effective and personalized diet with a specialist.

  • Receive our sample collection kit, free shipping worldwide

    Painless Saliva Collection kit to assure the best accuracy.

  • Register your kit and provide us the information for the Personalized Reporting.

    Register your kit at our Genome Manager.

  • Unlimited access to genomic raw data and reports with no additional fees.

    We store genomic data safely, ready to be used when you need it.

One single test, unlimited applications.

Human Whole Genome Sequencing.

Completely characterize human genomes to better understand the complexity of health and disease.

What you get

  • Dante Reports: Health and Risk Panel, Wellness Panel, Nutrigenetic Panel, Fitness Panel.
  • Raw Data: HiFi reads file, Alignment file, and VCF
  • Additional analysis
  • Access to the Dante Platform for future analysis

A new innovative approach in Whole Genome Sequencing

Discover the only sequencing technology to offer HiFi reads that provide accuracy of 99.9%, on par with short reads and Sanger sequencing. With HiFi reads you no longer have to compromise long read lengths for high accuracy sequencing to address your toughest biological questions.*


Dante Labs simplifies analysis of Whole Genome Sequencing data

Complete genome assembly is quicker and easier

Assemble a microbial genome in minutes and a human genome in a single day on a single computer.

Assembled genomes are more complete

Unlock 15% of the genome that is otherwise inaccessible with short reads.

Phasing haplotypes is straightforward

Long, accurate reads simplify haplotype phasing without having to rely on inference or sequence data from additional individuals.