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Whole GenomeH - Hybrid Whole Genome Sequencing (130X + 30X + 15X)

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  • First Hybrid Whole Genome combining Short + Long Reads
  • 130X for the Exome, 30X for the rest of the Genome, 15X Genome Long Reads
  • Hybrid Genome assembly using Short and Long Reads
  • Raw Data available free of charge(FASTQ, BAM and VCF)
  • Sequenced in our own European Sequencing Center
  • 8 week turnaround time*

What you get


Learn about more than 70 predispositions to common diseases caused by your genetic variants, get actionable insights to drive your personalised prevention.


Design a Personalised Diet based on your Whole Genome with useful insights on more than 20 vitamins, nutrients and foods that are best for you.

Drug Reaction

Discover a unique response to more than 120 medications caused by genetic variants, including adverse drug reactions and personalised dosages *.

Scientific Fitness

Choose the best training for you based on your Whole Genome. Discover how more than 114 genetic variants impact our fitness, sport activities and performance.

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* The "Drug Reaction" Report is not available in the United States and to US customers