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Comprehensive Rare Disease Health Package

Comprehensive Rare Disease Health Package

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Advanced Whole Genome-based Insights, Specialist Consultation & Personalized Care for Rare Disease Patients

Navigate the complex landscape of rare diseases with our Comprehensive Rare Disease Health Package. This personalized package combines high-resolution whole genome sequencing with in-depth interpretation, providing a focused report on rare diseases that fits your genetic profile. Our service goes beyond the report, offering you a chance to discuss your results with a rare disease specialist through an online consultation. Together, we aim to empower you with the knowledge and tools you need to manage your health in an informed, proactive way. Understanding starts with us - start your journey today.

Dedicated to Undiagnosed and Rare Disease Patients

Comprehensive health package specifically developed for undiagnosed and rare disease patients, leveraging our expertise with whole genome sequencing and rare diseases.

Online Specialist Consultation

Connect with rare disease specialists who understand your unique challenges, ready to guide you with personalized care. We bring the expert to your living room. No more unending quests for diagnosis. 

30X* Whole genome sequencing

Unlike other genetic tests that only focus on specific regions of the genome, we sequence your entire genome in a clinical grade laboratory, with gold standard 30X* coverage.

*Dante Genomics will provide over 96 gigabytes of sequencing data, equivalent to a 30X Whole Genome Sequencing (WGS) in human samples, with a physiological bacterial contamination at levels ranging from 1% to 2% of the total DNA.

In-depth Interpretation

Dive into the details of your genetic makeup with our expert interpretation. Let's decode the complex information together.

Customized Rare Disease Report

Gain exclusive insights into your genome, with a focus on rare diseases. Empower your health journey with tailored information.

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What You Get

  • Rare Disease Specialist Consultation

    Navigate the complexities of your health journey with the support of our network of certified rare disease specialists. Experience precise, personalized care from the comfort of your home with our remote consultations. The consultation will be remote.

  • Comprehensive Whole Genome Sequencing Test

    Unlike other tests that merely skim specific regions, our Whole Genome Sequencing dives deep into your DNA, scanning the entire genome. Leverage the newest science. With 30X coverage, our test offers unrivaled accuracy and reliability, ensuring you get the complete picture of your genetic makeup.

  • Personalized Genomic Rare Disease Report

    Discover the insights of a comprehensive rare disease genomic report. Expertly prepared by our team of physicians and genetic counselors, this report isn't just information—it's your personal genomic story, revealing the potential secrets of your DNA. Focused specifically on rare diseases, the report analyzes your genetic profile in conjunction with your unique medical history and symptoms.

Dante Labs | Rare Disease Health Package Traditional approaches
Clinical Grade WGS 30X > 80%
Personalized Report
Personalized Treatment
Pre-specialist visit
Post-specialist visits
Entire from-home process
Digital order and Digital results
Free shipping Worldwide
Painless, hidden-needle sampling kit
Unique test (no several trials)

Sammy Basso experiences the Rare Disease Health Package from Dante Labs

Sammy Basso, biologist, researcher and patient with the rare disease Progeria decided to try our Comprehensive Rare Disease Health Package to discover 100% of his DNA by supporting our project to help rare disease patients like him or people without a diagnosis to find a correct diagnosis, learn more about the disease, receive treatment and a personalized care strategy.