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The most comprehensive genomic test.
  • Empower yourself with the only DNA Test worldwide that analyzes 100% of your DNA. Other DNA Tests only give you limited information based on a fraction of your DNA. 
  • Start making conscious health decisions and take a proactive approach to your health. Our Personalized Genetic Reports give you insights into your genetic predispositions to over 100 common diseases, and Well-being (Nutrition & Scientific Fitness Report). 
  • Get access to your full genomic data, and learn more as science progresses. Our Whole Genome Sequencing Test is the best lifetime investment: Sequence once, and get actionable tools for life.
  • Browsing your genome has never been so easy: Dante Labs gives you access to the most powerful tools to explore your Full Genome. Examine any gene of interest, access the Reports you are interested in, and download your genomic data.
  • Our Whole Genome Sequencing Test offers unparalleled precision and accuracy for unbiased exploration of the human genome. 
  • Staying abreast of scientific discoveries by receiving monthly updated reports and thus always getting the latest available version of each document

Instead of buying separate genetic tests for different conditions, the Dante Whole Genome Sequencing Test analyzes your entire DNA once and lets you query it anytime, from your fingertips, so that you have the answer ready in minutes - when you need it.


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